Cardinal Adam Easton (c. 1330-1397)
Cardinal Adam Easton (c. 1330-1397)
Monk, Scholar, Theologian, Diplomat
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The early years of Adam Easton: from Norwich via Oxford to Avignon and Rome. (Joan Greatrex)
1. Adam Easton and the Great Schism. (Patrick Zutshi)
2. The dating and origin of Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, MS 180: Adam Easton's copy of Richard FitzRalph's De pauperie Salvatoris. (Lynda Dennison)
3. Adam Easton and the Lutterworth Wall Paintings Revisited. (Miriam Gill)
4. Easton and Dante: beyond Chaucer. (Nicholas Havely)
5. Adam Easton and St Birgitta of Sweden: a remarkable affinity. (Ann Hutchison)
6. Adam Easton's Office for the Feast of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. (Miriam Wendling)
7. Between tradition and innovation: the sepulchral monument of Adam Easton at S. Cecilia in Trasevere. (Claudia Bolgia)
8. Adam Easton's Manuscripts. (Patrick Zutshi)

Miriam Wendling (ed.)

Cardinal Adam Easton (c. 1330-1397)

Monk, Scholar, Theologian, Diplomat

The varied career of Adam Easton (c.1330—1397) led him from Norwich Cathedral Priory to Oxford, Avignon and Rome. Not only a monk of the Benedictine Order, he was also a scholar, theologian, diplomat and cardinal, and his work reflects the breadth of this multifaceted background. This volume presents recent research on Easton’s oeuvre, his diplomacy and the books that accompanied him on his travels. Amongst the works addressed in this volume are Easton’s Defensorium ecclesiastice potestatis, his Defensorium Sanctae Birgittae and his Office for the Feast of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary. Further evidence is also offered on his testimony during the Great Schism, on the dating of his copy of De pauperie Salvatoris, while two reassessments are made of his likeness, including his sepulchral monument at S. Cecilia in Trastevere in Rome and the Lutterworth wall painting. Finally, a catalogue of Easton’s important manuscript collection is also provided.
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Miriam Wendling

Miriam Wendling is a research associate in the Early Music Research Group at KU Leuven. Her current work examines the use of music in rituals for the dying and the dead.