Sticking Together or Falling Apart?
Sticking Together or Falling Apart?
Solidarity in an Era of Individualization and Globalization
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Table of Contents - 6 1. Individualization, globalization and solidarity - 10 2. Taking care of each other - 16 3. Altruism or self-interest? - 42 4. Falling apart? - 54 5. Independent yet solidary - 72 6. A borderless world? - 102 7. Threats and opportunities - 126 8. Globalization versus localization - 158 9. Myths and facts - 194 10. Between community care and European welfare state - 220 References - 234 Acknowledgements - 242 Index - 244

Paul de Beer, Ferry Koster

Sticking Together or Falling Apart?

Solidarity in an Era of Individualization and Globalization

This book examines, both theoretically and empirically, the impact of globalization and individualization on social solidarity. It focuses both on informal solidarity, such as volunteering, charitable giving, and informal care, and on formal solidarity, such as social benefits and development aid. It challenges the common belief that social solidarity is endangered by the increasing competition and capital flows between countries and by growing selfishness of modern citizens. The book scrutinizes the theoretical arguments that both informal solidarity and social solidarity organized through the welfare state are eroding. Empirically, it is the first thorough study of international comparative data on solidarity, globalization and individualization. The book concludes that, overall, solidarity is rising rather than declining. The impact of globalization and individualization is much more ambiguous than is often contended. While particular aspects of globalization and individualization might harm solidarity, other elements foster solidarity instead.

Paul de Beer

Paul de Beer is bijzonder hoogleraar Arbeidsverhoudingen aan de Universiteit van Amster-dam en verbonden aan het Amsterdams Instituut voor ArbeidsStudies (AIAS) en De Burcht (Centrum voor Arbeidsverhoudingen.

Ferry Koster

Ferry Koster is postdoctoral researcher at Leiden University.