Immigration and Social Systems
Immigration and Social Systems
Collected Essays of Michael Bommes
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Immigration and Social Systems - 2 Table of contents - 6 Foreword - 8 Preface - 10 Introduction - 12 1 Migration in modern society - 20 2 National welfare state, biography and migration Labour migrants, ethnic Germans and the re-ascription of welfare state membership - 38 3 Systems theory and the ‘ethnic inequality’ of migrant workers - 60 4 Welfare systems and migrant minorities The cultural dimension of social policies and its discriminatory potential - 84 5 Transnationalism or assimilation? - 108 6 ‘Integration takes place locally’ On the restructuring of local integration policy - 126 7 Illegal migration in modern society Consequences and problems of national European migration policies - 158 8 General and specific characteristics of networks (with Veronika Tacke) - 178 9 National paradigms of migration research(with Dietrich Thränhardt) - 202 References - 234 Consequence and problem of national European migration policies

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"This collection demonstrates the insight and rigour of Bommes’ fundamental contributions to immigration studies. It provides sharp, essential observations of social and political responses to immigration – to be read by anyone interested in these issues." - Andrew Geddes, Professor of Politics, University of Sheffield |"In Bommes, the academy lost a scholar with penetrating analyses of migration, the welfare state and social systems where the two interact. By completing his last project, Boswell and D’Amato have done scholarship a lasting service. A major contribution to public debate and a tribute to a very great man." - Randall Hansen, Canada Research Chair in Immigration & Governance, University of Toronto

Gianni D'Amato, Christina Boswell (eds)

Immigration and Social Systems

Collected Essays of Michael Bommes

Michael Bommes was one of the most brilliant and original migration studies scholars of our time. This posthumous collection brings together a selection of his most important work on immigration, integration, transnationalism, irregular migration and migrant networks. Each essay provides a rigorous and compelling critique of mainstream accounts, building on Bommes’ distinctive systems theoretic approach. It will be required reading for all theoretically minded scholars and advanced students of migration studies.

Christina Boswell

Christina Boswell is Professor of Politics, Deputy Dean of Research, College of Humanities and Social Science at the University of Edinburgh.|Gianni D’Amato is Professor of the University of Neuchâtel and Director of the Swiss Forum for Migration and Population Studies