Contemporary Culture
Contemporary Culture
New Directions in Arts and Humanities Research
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ContemporaryCulture New Directions in Arts and Humanities Research - 4 Contents - 6 Introduction - 10 Part i Media Cities - 18 Chapter One Mediacity: On the Discontinuous Continuity of the Urban Public Sphere - 20 Chapter Two Orkontros: Brazilian Migrants, Social Network Sites and the European City - 38 Chapter Three Imagining the City: The Difference that Art Makes - 52 Chapter Four Body Movies: The City as Interface - 63 Part ii The Ludic Turn - 74 Chapter Five Homo Ludens 2.0: Play, Media and Identity - 76 Chapter Six Digital Cartographies as Playful Practices - 94 Chapter Seven From Gengsi to Gaul: Mobile Media and Playful Identities - 102 Chapter Eight Transformations in Perception and Participation: Digital Games - 111 Chapter Nine Machinima: Moving on the Edge of Rules and Fiction - 129 Part iii Thinking Analogue - 138 Chapter Ten Sound Technologies and Cultural Practices: How Analogies Make us Listen to Transformations in Art and Culture - 140 Chapter Eleven The Case of ccMixter: Credit-Giving within a Communal Online Remixing Practice - 156 Part iv Hybrid Practices - 184 Chapter Twelve On the Need for Cooperation between Art and Science - 186 Chapter Thirteen Laboratory on the Move in Retrospect - 192 Chapter Fourteen Embedded in the Dutch Art World - 204 Chapter Fifteen Roots and the Production of Heritage - 223 Chapter Sixteen How to Succeed in Art and Science: The Observatory Observed - 231 Part v Looking Back, Looking Forward - 242 Introduction - 244 Interview with José van Dijck and Robert Zwijnenberg - 245 About the Authors - 262

Robert Zwijnenberg, Kitty Zijlmans

Judith Thissen (ed.)

Contemporary Culture

New Directions in Arts and Humanities Research

Are the humanities still relevant in the twenty-first century? In the context of pervasive economic liberalism and shrinking budgets due to a deep and prolonged recession, the exigency of humanities research for society is increasingly put into question. This volume claims that the humanities do indeed matter by offering empirically-grounded critical reflections on contemporary cultural practices, thereby opening up new ways of understanding social life and new directions in humanities scholarship.
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Kitty Zijlmans

Kitty Zijlmans is Professor of Contemporary Art History and Theory/World Art Studies at the Faculty of Humanities of Leiden University. Since January 2011 Director of LUCAS - Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society.

Judith Thissen

Judith Thissen is senior lecturer/researcher at Utrecht University in the Department of Media and Culture.