Re-forming Texts, Music, and Church Art in the Early Modern North
Re-forming Texts, Music, and Church Art in the Early Modern North
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Acknowledgements A note on names List of maps, figures, tables, and musical examples Introduction Tuomas M.S. Lehtonen and Linda Kaljundi Part I: Contextualizations and thematizations 1. Popular belief and the disruption of religious practices in Reformation Sweden Martin Berntson 2. Trade and the known world: Finnish priests' and laymen's networks in the late medieval Baltic Sea region Ilkka Leskelä 3. Diglossia, authority, and tradition: the influence of writing on learned and vernacular languages Marco Mostert Part II: Music and religious performances 4. Changes in the poetics of song during the Finnish Reformation Kati Kallio 5. Vernacular Gregorian chant and Lutheran hymn-singing in Reformation-era Finland Jorma Hannikainen and Erkki Tuppurainen 6. Pious hymns and devil's music: Michael Agricola (c. 1507-57) and Jacobus Finno (c. 1540-88) on Church song and folk beliefs Tuomas M.S. Lehtonen 7. The emergence of hymns at the crossroads of folk and Christian culture: an episode in early modern Latvian cultural history Mara Grudule Part III: Church art and architecture 8. Reform and pragmatism: on Church art and architecture during the Swedish Reformation era Anna Nilsén 9. Early Lutheran networks and the changes in the furnishings of the Finnish Lutheran parish church Hanna Pirinen 10. Continuity and change: reorganizing sacred space in Post-Reformation Tallinn Merike Kurisoo Part IV: The 'other' and the afterlife 11. Pagans into peasants: ethnic and social boundaries in early modern Livonia Linda Kaljundi 12. Est vera India septemtrio: re-imagining the Baltic in the Age of Discovery Stefan Donecker 13. Transformations of Saint Catherine of Alexandria in Finnish vernacular poetry and rituals Irma-Riitta Järvinen 14. Agricola's List (1551) and the formation of the Estonian pantheon Aivar Põldvee About the authors Index

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"This book is conceptually stimulating and opens up the results of the recent Scandinavian and Baltic research on the Reformation era to an international audience." - Philip Hahn, Archive for Reformation History Supplement Literature Review Vol. 46/47 2017/2018

Tuomas Lehtonen, Linda Kaljundi (eds)

Re-forming Texts, Music, and Church Art in the Early Modern North

Our historical understanding of the Reformation in northern Europe has tended to privilege the idea of disruption and innovation over continuity - yet even the most powerful reformation movements drew on and exchanged ideas with earlier cultural and religious practices. This volume attempts to right the balance, bringing together a roster of experts to trace the continuities between the medieval and early modern period in the Nordic realm, while enabling us to see the Reformation and its changes in a new light.

Tuomas Lehtonen

Tuomas M.S. Lehtonen is Secretary General of the Finnish Literature Society and Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki. He has published widely on medieval history and literature, as well as on the relationship between oral and literary culture in the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period.

Linda Kaljundi

Linda Kaljundi is a researcher with the Finnish Literature Society. She has published mainly on the Nordic crusades, medieval historiography and images of otherness, and also on the Estonian cultural memory.