Eurasian Encounters
Eurasian Encounters
Museums, Missions, Modernities
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Asian Studies
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1 Eurasian Encounters: Cross-Border Intellectual and Cultural Exchange, 1900-1950 Carolien Stolte and Yoshiyuki Kikuchi Part I Artistic Spaces 2 The Museum at Aundh: Reflecting on Citizenship and the Art Museum in the Colony Deepti Mulgund 3 Exhibiting the Nation: Cultural Flows, Transnational Exchanges, and the Development of Museums in Japan and China, 1900-1950 Shuli Wang 4 Parallel Tracks: Pan Yuliang and Amrita Sher-Gil in Paris Sonal Khullar 5 Bauhaus and Tea Ceremony Helena Capková Part II Missions and Education 6 Schooling a Missionary in Early Twentieth-Century India Indrani Chatterjee 7 The Catholic Church in China during the Republican Period Cindy Yik-yi Chu Part III Shared Trajectories, New Subjectivities 8 Indigenizing Cosmopolitanism: Shifting Metropolitan Subjectivities in Twentieth-Century Colombo Anoma Pieris 9 Fighting for the Soviet Empire: War Propaganda and Localized Discourses on Soviet Patriotism in Uzbekistan during the Second World War Boram Shin 10 Shared Origins, Shared Outcomes? Transcultural Trajectories of Germany and Japan during the Asia-Pacific War Andrea Germer

Reviews and Features

"With critical acuity, Eurasian Encounters aims to broaden and redefine historiographical discourse to include--at center stage, from their own perspectives--those who have not yet occupied it. By redefining the nature of the cross-cultural encounter as a bi- (or multi-)lateral equation, the authors go a long way toward restoring balance. As such, their studies are not just re-examinations of the past, but also strategies for the future." - Loren Goodman, Yonsei University, Situations 10.2 (2017)

"As part of a growing body of work which approaches 20th-Century history in Europe and Asia from outside of traditional colonial and national frameworks, illuminating a world of cultural flows and translations, this volume would appeal to scholars and students of Eurasian history and cultural development, transnational networks, and colonial/post-colonial cultures. It would also provide a compelling and challenging read for anyone interested in the profound global political and social changes of the first half of the 20th Century." - Emily Sokes-Rees, Syracuse University, Asian Journal of Social Science 46 (2018)

"I accept their [the editor's] own verdict on the book: 'Taken together, the chapters in this volume illuminate new aspects of the history of cultural, artistic and religious mobilizations in modern Eurasia' (pp. 18—19). So I recommend this book as a contribution to the scholarly literature on European—Asian cultural interaction in an important period of modern history." - Colin Mackerras, Griffith University, Asian Studies Review (2018)

Carolien Stolte, Yoshiyuki Kikuchi (eds)

Eurasian Encounters

Museums, Missions, Modernities

The essays in this volume explore crucial intellectual and cultural exchanges between Asia and Europe in the first half of the twentieth century. Examining the increased mobility of people and information, scientific advances, global crises, and the unravelling of empires, Eurasian Encounters demonstrates that this time period saw an unprecedented increase in a transnational flow of politically and socially influential ideas. Together, the contributors show how the two ends of Eurasia interacted in artistic, academic, and religious spheres using new international and cosmopolitan approaches.

Carolien Stolte

Carolien Stolte is Senior Lecturer at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Her research focuses on the international history of South Asia. She co-led, with Su-Lin Lewis, the AHRC Research Network “Afro-Asian Networks in the Early Cold War".

Yoshiyuki Kikuchi

Dr. Yoshiyuki Kikuchi is an associate professor of Science, Technology and Society (STS) at the Graduate University for Advanced Studies (Sokendai) in Hayama, Japan.