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Antipodean Early Modern
Antipodean Early Modern
European Art in Australian Collections, c. 1200-1600
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"This generously illustrated and striking collection of essays will be of particular interest to those who specialize in medieval and Renaissance illustrated books as well as histories of collecting early modern objects beyond Europe." - Andrea Bubenik, Renaissance Quarterly, Volume 72, Issue 4, January 2020

"The recently appointed Herald Chair of Fine Arts at Melbourne, Anne Dunlop, has brought together a fine compendium of papers published to great effect by Amsterdam University Press [...] Antipodean Early Modern, even though it is composed of a series of 15 conference papers presented in academic style with their abstracts, is eminently readable by amateur and specialist alike. The quality of the generous selection of reproduced art is superb, with those gorgeous lapis blues, attention to minutiae and the sheer beauty of the written word a true joy to behold." - Brett Allen-Bayes, Limelight, Australia's Classical Music and Arts Magazine (2019).

"Antipodean Early Modern focuses on underpublished works of art, as well as celebrated ones, giving them greater exposure to scholars and museum-goers. The variety of methodologies, aims and results points to the richness of interpretation inspired by the collections under consideration." - Elizabeth J. Moodey, Vanderbilt University

"The innovation here is two-fold: bringing together a range of important manuscripts and artworks in Australian collections to an international audience to invite more scholarly attention and providing a wealth of current scholarly insights on these works. = A timely, illuminating collection of essays, which combines readability and rigour for scholarly audiences as well as students." - Erin Griffey, University of Auckland

Anne Dunlop (ed.)

Antipodean Early Modern

European Art in Australian Collections, c. 1200-1600

A Prayer Book owned by the Rothschilds, an Italian bronze casket by Antico, a lavishly illustrated Carnival chronicle from sixteenth-century Germany, an altarpiece by Pieter Brueghel the Younger - much of the artwork in this book, held by Australian collections, is essentially unknown beyond the continent. The authors of these essays showcase these extraordinary objects to their full potential, revealing a wide range of contemporary art and historical research. This collection of essays will surprise even specialists.
€ 99,00
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Anne Dunlop

Anne Dunlop holds the Herald Chair in Fine Art at the University of Melbourne. She is a specialist of the art of early-modern Europe.