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Theorizing Film Through Contemporary Art
Theorizing Film Through Contemporary Art
Expanding Cinema
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Jill Murphy, Laura Rascaroli (eds)

Theorizing Film Through Contemporary Art

Expanding Cinema

As the cinematic experience becomes subsumed into today's ubiquitous technologies of seeing, contemporary artworks lift the cinematic out of the immateriality of the film screen and separate it into its physical components within the gallery space. How to read these reformulations of the cinematic medium - and their critique of what it is and has been? In Theorizing Cinema Through Contemporary Art: Expanding Cinema, leading film theorists consider artworks that incorporate, restage, and re-present cinema's configuration of the key categories of space, experience, presence/absence, production and consumption, technology, myth, perception, event, and temporality, so interrogating the creation, appraisal, and evolution of film theory as channeled through contemporary art. This book takes film theory as a blueprint for the moving image, and juxtaposes it with artworks that render cinema as a material object. In the process, it unfolds a complex relationship between a theory and a practice that have commonly been seen as virtually incompatible, renewing our understanding of each and, more to the point, their interactions.
€ 105,00
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Jill Murphy

Jill Murphy is an independent scholar.

Laura Rascaroli

Laura Rascaroli is Professor of Film and Screen Media at University College Cork, Ireland.