The Englishization of Higher Education in Europe
The Englishization of Higher Education in Europe
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1 Introduction : The tension between monolingualism and multilingualism
Rene Gabriels and Robert Wilkinson

2 Higher Education in Flanders: English as the 'other' language
Frank van Splunder

3 The Englishization of higher education in Estonia and Latvia: Actors, positionings, and linguistic tensions
Josep Soler and Kerttu Rozenvalde

4 EMI in Spain: Striving to maintain a multilingual balance
David Lasagabaster

5 An ambivalent picture: The Englishization of higher education in France
Francoise Le Lievre

6 English in Swiss higher education: The pragmatic way
Patrick Studer and Aisha Siddiqa

7 Englishization in Danish higher education: From critical to constructive conceptualizations
Slobodanka Dimova, Anna Kristina Hultgren, and Joyce Kling

8 Internationalization vs Englishization in Italian higher education: Reframing the issue
Amanda C. Murphy and Beatrice Zuaro

9 The place of English in the Russian higher education landscape
Elena Belyaeva, Lyudmila Kuznetsova, Olga Nikiforova, and Svetlana Suchkova

10 Multiple dimensions of English-medium education: Striving to initiate change, sustainability, and quality in higher education in Sweden
Magnus Gustafsson and Jennifer Valcke

11 Englishization of Dutch higher education: Divergent language policies and practices
Robert Wilkinson and Rene Gabriels

12 The Englishization of Polish higher education
Agnieszka Cierpich-Kozie. and El.bieta Ma.czak-Wohlfeld

13 Englishization 'under the radar': Facts, policies, and trends in Austrian higher education
Monika Dannerer, Martina Gaisch, and Ute Smit

14 Englishization of Croatian higher education: Conceptualizations, manifestations, and implications
Branka Drlja.a Margi.

15 Affect in EMI at a German university: Comparing insights from teachers, home, and international students
Michelle Hunter and Ursula Lanvers

16 Englishization as trap and lifeline
Philippe Van Parijs


Robert Wilkinson, René Gabriels (eds)

The Englishization of Higher Education in Europe

The introduction of English as a medium of instruction (EMI) has changed higher education enormously in many European countries. This development is increasingly encapsulated under the term Englishization, that is, the increasing dispersion of English as a means of communication in non-Anglophone contexts. Englishization is not undisputed: legal challenges have arisen in several countries. Nor is it uniform; universities across Europe embrace Englishization, but they do so in their own way. In this volume, authors from 15 European countries present analyses from a range of perspectives coalescing around core concerns: the quality of education, cultural identity, inequality of opportunities and access, questions of justice and democracy, and internationalization and language policy. This book will appeal to researchers in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, educational sciences, and political science, as well as policy makers and people with a concern about the direction of higher education.

Robert Wilkinson

Robert Wilkinson conducts research on English-medium instruction and multilingualism.

René Gabriels

René Gabriëls’s current research concerns English-medium instruction and food banks. Both work in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Maastricht University, Netherlands.