Historia agriculturae
Geographical Scope
Low Countries – including their neighbours and former colonies
Editorial Board

Janny Bloembergen
Piet van Cruyningen
Maarten Duijvendak
Floor Haalboom
Michiel de Haas
Merijn Knibbe
Hans Mol


Historia agriculturae

Agriculture and rural society have become the subject of heated debates in recent years. If we know where we come from and how we got to the state we are in now, we can have more in-depth conversations about transitions to sustainable agriculture. Making knowledge of agricultural, food and rural history available is therefore crucial.

Historia Agriculturae is a publication series edited by the Nederlands Agronomisch Historisch Instituut since 1953, of which 49 volumes have now appeared. In 2023, the publication of this series was taken over by the (Dutch) Vereniging voor Landbouwgeschiedenis, in collaboration with Amsterdam University Press. The takeover marks a new beginning for Historia Agriculturae.

The series is intended as a broad forum for studies on the rural history of the Low Countries - including their neighbours and former colonies - in the widest sense. This may include the traditional history of 'cows and ploughs', the broader agarian branch of economic and social history, landscape history, environmental history and food history. But contributions on rural-oriented cultural history, political history, history of science and historical demography are also welcome. Historia Agriculturae aims to publish the best work in these fields, both in Dutch and in English. Publication in Open Access is possible.