Low Countries Studies
Editorial Board

• Zuzanna Czerwonka-Wajda, Uniwersytet Wrocławski , Poland
Zuzanna Czerwonka-Wajda works at the Chair of Dutch Philology (University of Wrocław, Poland) where she teaches Dutch and conducts research in the field of comparative linguistics and phonetics.
• Jaap Grave, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands
Jaap Grave is affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and publishes on Multatuli, modern literature, history of science and translation studies.
• Annika Johansson, Stockholm University, Sweden
Annika Johansson is an assistant professor of Dutch at Stockholm University, Sweden, where she teaches Dutch and conducts linguistic research.
• Irena Barbara Kalla (chairwoman), Uniwersytet Wrocławski , Poland
Irena Barbara Kalla is affiliated with the University of Wrocław in Poland, Chair of Dutch Philology, where she teaches Dutch literature and conducts research into modern poetry and children's literature.
• Bram Lambrecht, Ghent University, Belgium
Bram Lambrecht is a lecturer in Dutch and Translation Studies in the Translation, Interpreting and Communication department at Ghent University. He conducts research into the literary culture of the interwar period and (translations of) poetry and popular literature.
• Franco Paris, University degli Studi di Napoli " l'Orientale ", Italy
Franco Paris teaches Dutch language and literature at the Università L'Orientale in Naples and translates Dutch authors into Italian. Since 2008, he has been an honorary member of the Royal Academy for Dutch Language and Literature in Ghent.

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Low Countries Studies

Lage Landen Studies is a book series of the International Association for Dutch Studies (Internationale Vereniging voor Neerlandistiek). The series publishes monographs and thematic collections that are the result of both individual research and collaborations between scholars working in the field of Low Countries Studies. Books on translation studies and language and literary didactics are also included. The language of the publications is Dutch. All books in the series are subject to peer review.

The series promotes the study of the language as well as the literature and culture of the Low Countries and of Dutch-speaking areas outside the Low Countries, in an international perspective.