Philippine Confluence
Philippine Confluence
Iberian, Chinese and Islamic Currents, C. 1500-1800
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Isaac Donoso, Jos Gommans, and Ariel Lopez
I Iberian Currents
1. Accidental Crossings, World Orders and the “Iberian Archive” in the Seventeenth- Century China Sea Jorge Flores
2. Occult Cosmopolitanism: Convivencia and Ethno-Religious Exclusion in Manila, 1590–1650 Ryan Crewe
3. Binukot and Recogimiento: Enduring and Changing Meanings of the Seclusion of Women in the Philippines Marya Svetlana Camacho
4. Beyond the Galleons: China Trade, Colonial Agenda and Regional Integration in the Eighteenth-century Philippines Ander Permanyer-Ugartemendia
5. Asian Manufactured Goods in the Spanish Pacific: Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries Teresa Canepa
II Chinese Currents
6. Vittorio Riccio: An Entangled Voice in the 1662 Chinese Uprising in Manila Anna Busquets
7. The Global and the Local in Early Modern Manila’s Communication Spaces Birgit Tremml-Werner
8. Of Men, Gods and Beasts: The Boxer Codex and the View of the World from Sixteenth-century Manila Neilabh Sinha
III Islamic Currents
9. Polarized Enemies – Christian-Muslim Dichotomy in the Early Modern Philippines Eberhard Crailsheim
10. Slaving and the Global Reach of the Moro Wars in the Seventeenth Century Tatiana Seijas
11. In Between Many Worlds of One Law: Arab, Malay and Filipino Legal Intermixtures of Mahmood Kooria
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Jos Gommans, Ariel Lopez (eds)

Philippine Confluence

Iberian, Chinese and Islamic Currents, C. 1500-1800

Situated at the crossroads of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, the Spanish Philippines offer historians an intriguing middle ground of connected histories that raises fundamental new questions about conventional ethnic, regional and religious identities. This volume adds a new global perspective to the history of the Philippines by juxtaposing Iberian, Chinese and Islamic perspectives. By navigating various underexplored archival resources, senior and junior scholars from Asia, Europe and the Americas explore the diverse cultural, religious, and economic flows that shaped the early modern Philippine milieu. By zooming in from the global to the local, this book offers eleven fascinating Philippine case studies of early modern globalization.

Jos Gommans

Jos Gommans is Professor of Colonial and Global History at Leiden University. He wrote extensively on the medieval and early modern history of South and Central Asia and on Dutch Colonial History. He is also the director of the Leiden-based Cosmopolis Programme.

Ariel Lopez

Ariel Lopez is Assistant Professor at the Asian Center, University of the Philippines. He received his PhD, MA and BA in History from Leiden University as part of the Cosmopolis Programme. He has published articles on piracy and slave-raiding in early modern Philippines and Southeast Asia.