Philippine Digital Cultures
Philippine Digital Cultures
Brokerage Dynamics on YouTube
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Chapter 1: Lights, Camera, and Click the Notification Bell!
Chapter 2: Digital Brokering
Chapter 3: Self
Chapter 4: Relationships
Chapter 5: Labour
Chapter 6: Politics
Chapter 7: YouTube and Beyond

Cheryll Ruth Soriano, Earvin Charles Cabalquinto

Philippine Digital Cultures

Brokerage Dynamics on YouTube

Social media platforms have been pivotal in redefining the conduct of contemporary society. Amid the proliferation of a range of new and ubiquitous online platforms, YouTube, a video-based platform, remains a key driver in the democratisation of creative, playful, vernacular, intimate, as well as political expressions. As a critical node of contemporary communication and digital cultures, its steady uptake and appropriation in a social media-savvy nation such as the Philippines requires a critical examination of its role in the continued reconstruction of identities, communities, and broader social institutions. This book closely analyses the diverse content and practices of amateur Filipino YouTubers, exposing and problematising the dynamics of brokering the contested aspirational logics of beauty and selfhood, interracial relationships, world-class labour, and progressive governance in a digital sphere. Ultimately, Philippine Digital Cultures: Brokerage Dynamics on YouTube offers a fresh, compelling, and nuanced account of YouTube as an important site for the mediation of culture, economy, and politics in Philippine postcolonial modernity amid rapid economic globalisation and digitalisation.

Cheryll Ruth Soriano

Cheryll Ruth R. Soriano is Professor in the Department of Communication at De La Salle University, Manila. Her research examines the relationships between cultural production and platformisation, dealing with questions of power, ideology and resistance in digital cultures in the global South. She co-edited the book, Asian Perspectives on Digital Culture: Emerging Phenomena, Enduring Concepts (Routledge).

Earvin Charles Cabalquinto

Earvin Charles B. Cabalquinto is a Lecturer in Communication in the School of Communication and Creative Arts (SCCA) at Deakin University, Australia. He is also a member of the Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation. His research unpacks the potentialities and politics of digital media use in a transnational context. He is author of (Im)mobile Homes: Family Life at a Distance in the Age of Mobile Media (Oxford University Press).