Cinema Beyond Film
Cinema Beyond Film
Media Epistemology in the Modern Era
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Cinema beyond film - 6 Contents - 6 Acknowledgments - 8 Introduction to an Epistemology of Viewing and Listening Dis - 10 1 Epistemology - 24 The 1900 Episteme1 - 26 Projected Cinema (A Hypothesis on the Cinema’s Imagination) - 46 The Case for an Epistemography of Montage - 60 The ‘Cinematographic Snapshot’ - 80 The Cinematograph versus Photography, or Cyclists and Time in the Work of Alfred Jarry - 98 2 Exhibition - 116 Dynamic Paths of Thought - 118 The Lecture - 146 3 Body and Voice - 170 Dancing Dolls and Mechanical Eyes - 172 From Broadcast Performance to Virtual Show - 194 The Lecturer, the Image, the Machine and the Audio-Spectator - 216 On the Singular Status of the Human Voice - 234 About the Authors - 254 Bibliography - 256 Index of Names - 260 Index of Titles - 266 Index of Subjects - 270

Maria Tortajada, François van den Albera (eds)

Cinema Beyond Film

Media Epistemology in the Modern Era

This thoughtful exploratory study deals with three seminal issues in film theory, notably the relationship of image and sound, early manifestations of the moving image, and new connections between the voice and the use of the body in contemporary cinema. The contributors discuss, among aothers, the period at the end of the nineteenth century, with the exploration of medical discourses linked to the appearance of the cinema; the archaeological approach to voyeurism, which would become one of the recurrent concepts of cinematographic studies; the introduction of audiovisual technologies in contemporary theatre and the ways in which they have affected the actor’s body.

Maria Tortajada

Maria Tortajada is professor in the Department of History and Aesthetics of Film at Université de Lausanne in Switzerland.