Tussen erfgoed en eredienst
Tussen erfgoed en eredienst
Meervoudig gebruik van vier monumentale stadskerken
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1. Meervoudige gebruik van monumentale stadskerken
2. De Geertekerk in Utrecht: ruimte voor muziek en spel
3. De Sint-Joriskerk in Amersfoort: protestantse stijl in een katholieke stadskerk
4. De Grote Kerk in Zwolle: van gesloten naar open
5. De Oude Kerk in Amsterdam: voor kunst, erfgoed en lofzang
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'Kuyk levert met haar boek een fascinerende studie af naar vier monumentale stadskerken van protestantse signatuur. [...] Haar bevindingen kunnen herkenbaar zijn voor zo’n 150 vergelijkbare gebouwen.'
– Frank Strolenberg, Religie & Samenleving

Elza Kuyk

Tussen erfgoed en eredienst

Meervoudig gebruik van vier monumentale stadskerken

Some multiple-used city churches are neither fully in use by a faith community nor fully allocated to new forms of use, but are shared by both a (protestant) faith community and secular users. By sharing the church building, the diverse users and communities get in touch with each other. Eventual (slight) offenses between them can often be traced back to their respective relationships with the church building. Each church building has a specific history of the use of the building, its own architecture, a specific Protestant community, a chosen legal model and a particular profile for multiple use. Through the multiple use and the restorations, the pre-Reformation Catholic past is tangibly brought back. Those involved realise that they depend on each other in their efforts to keep the church building in good condition. The analysis of the interactions between users concentrates on the tangible aspects of the process of de-churching.

Elza Kuyk

Elza Kuyk studied theology in Amsterdam and worked as a pastor in youth care. Her past and present jobs are in the field of ecumenical relations and education. She defended her PhD-thesis 28th September 2022, Utrecht University