Cinema in the Post-art Era
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1. Introduction - Dominique Chateau & José Moure.
Part I - A tribute to Agnès Varda
2. The Incipit of BEACHES OF AGNÊS (LES PLAGES D'AGNÊS): An Installation in the Form of a Self-portrait - José Moure
II. The End of Cinema ?
3. Announcing the End of the Film Era.. The Lumière Galaxy: Seven Key Words for the Cinema to Come (Columbia University Press, 2015) by Francesco Casetti - Dudley Andrew
4. Cinema Hangs Tough - André Gaudreault & Philippe Marion
5. Jean-Luc Godard's Histoire(s) du cinéma or Cinema Surpasses Itself - Céline Scemama
III. Technological Transformations
6. Mutation, appropriation and style - Victor Burgin
7. The 21st-Century Post-Cinematic Ecology of the Film Museum: Theorizing a Film Archival Practice Is Transition - a Dialogue - Giovanna Fossati & Annie van den Oever
8. In-flight Entertainment or the Emptying Process of Art in the Air - Christophe Génin
IV. New dispositif, new conditions
9. What Kind of Art is the Cinema of Interactions? - François Jost
10. Thinking Inside and Outside of the (Black) Box. BIRD BOX and Netflix' algorithmic operations - Malte Hagener
11. Post-Cinema Ecology - Francesco Cassetti & Andrea Pinotti
V. Transformations in film form
12. Space-Image: for an Environmental Reading of Artists' Moving Image Experience - Miriam de Rosa
13. EXTRAORDINARY STORIES, a Mariano Llinás' Postmodern Art Film - A. Gabriela Rivadaneira
14. Art, Otherwise Than Art. Cinema and Contemporary Art : a Mutual Challenge - Dominique Chateau
15. The Zidane Film - Richard Conte
V. Post-cinema, an artists' affair
16. Marcel Broodthaers: Post-cinema Before Itself? - Christophe Viart
17. Per aspera ad astra, or Through Post-cinema Towards Cinema, the Reverse Journey of Ilya Khrzhanovsky's DAU - Eugénie Zvonkine
18. CINÉMATON: the Shortest Films for the Longest Film - A Dialogue - Gérard Courant, Dominique Chateau & José Moure
19. Documentary as Contemporary Art - A Dialogue - Wang Bing, Dominique Chateau & José Moure

Reviews and Features

"This new addition to the series The Key Debates is a most welcome examination of the vexed question of cinema’s place in the so-called "post" era (post-medium, postcinema, post-art). Post-cinema: Cinema in the Post-art Era gathers together an impressive list of contributors, theorists as well as artists and filmmakers, whose interventions take us from discourses and practices inspired by the death of the cinema, to affirmations of its resilience, and reflections on its metamorphosis. The result is a book packed with new insights that surfs across the field of film, art, and media studies to offer brilliant reformulations of what cinema becomes." - Martine Beugnet, Professor in Visual Studies at the Paris Diderot University

José Moure, Dominique Chateau (eds)


Cinema in the Post-art Era

Post-cinema designates a new way of making films. It is time to ask whether this novelty is complete or relative and to evaluate to what extent it represents a unitary or diversified current. The book proposes to integrate the post-cinema question within the post-art question in order to study the new ways of making filmic images. The issue will be considered at three levels: the impression of post-art on "regular" films; the "relocation" (Casetti) of the same films that can be seen using devices of all kinds in conditions more or less removed from the dispositif of the theater; the integration of cinema into contemporary art in all kinds of forms of creation and exhibition, parallel to the integration of contemporary art in "regular" cinema.

José Moure

José Moure is Professor of Cinema Studies in the Sorbonne School of the Arts at Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris I. He is director of the Research Institute ACTE.

Dominique Chateau

Dominique Chateau is Emeritus Professor of Aesthetics and Cinema at the Sorbonne School of the Arts at Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris I.