Macht in de Metropool
Macht in de Metropool
Politieke elitevorming tijdens de demografische en economische bloeifase van Antwerpen (ca. 1400-1550)
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Economic growth and elite formation
Elites, policy and intertwining with wider society
Antwerp’s political elite under the microscope
1. Governance, administration and craft guilds in a growth city
The organisation of Antwerp’s city council
The craft guilds in Antwerp and the Quaeye Werelt-revolt
The wider city administration
De relative financial position of the political elite
2. Social composition and evolution of the political elite
Urban politics: a family affair
Marriage: gateway to power or source of conflict
Merchants: an apolitical party?
The increasing importance of a university education
3. The function of urban space
Sources and methodology
Pattern in fifteenth-century property ownership
Dynamics in the property market
Changing patterns of property ownership in the first half of the sixteenth century
4. Power and status beyond the city walls
Antwerp’s political elite active at multiple levels and in multiple cities
Rural land ownership
Seigneurial land ownership
Noble city councillors
General conclusion
Supporting information
Measures, weights, coins and purchasing power
Note on Terminology

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'Janna Everaert levert met haar studie een ware krachtproef. Ze slaagt erin om onder de formele instituties te duiken en in te zoomen op de families en de mensen die erachter schuilgaan. En dat voor een periode waarin de bronnen niet voor het oprapen liggen. Ze graaft diep, stuurt bij, nuanceert, onderbouwt en detailleert. … [Ze] levert een waardevolle en vernieuwende bijdrage aan de literatuur over elitevorming in het algemeen en de historiografie van Antwerpen in het bijzonder.'
– Rogier van Kooten, Noordbrabants Historisch Jaarboek 2023

Janna Everaert

Macht in de Metropool

Politieke elitevorming tijdens de demografische en economische bloeifase van Antwerpen (ca. 1400-1550)

During Antwerp's Golden Age, the city replaced Bruges as the primary trading hub of Western Europe. Antwerp transformed from a medium-sized Brabantine town to an unparalleled metropolis in the Low Countries with over 100.000 inhabitants. Although little is known regarding the impact of this transformation on the city's governance, Antwerp serves as an intriguing and exceptional case study. Unlike other trading metropolises such as sixteenth-century Lyon or seventeenth-century Amsterdam, where merchants increasingly occupied positions in the city council, this was not the case in Antwerp.

This book Macht in de Metropool reconstructs the compositions of Antwerp’s city council between 1400 and 1550. It examines the profile of the different aldermen and mayors and how they evolved over time. Furthermore, the research analyses the real estate investments of this group and their relationship with key groups in society such as the merchants, the nobility, and the central administration.

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Janna Everaert

Janna Everaert (Ph.D., Vrije Universiteit Brussel and University of Antwerp 2020) works as a teaching assistant at the University of Ghent and is affiliated with the HOST-research group at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel.